Our sails have toured the world …

Cruising sails are made to exacting specifications that will take you around the globe and back


We supply all types of sails from mainsails, mizzens, furling genoas, staysails and storm jibs to asymmetric cruising chutes and spinnakers.

We will guide you through the range of materials available from modern performance cruise membranes to traditional woven materials, using premium brands such as Dimension Polyant.

Whether you are cruising along the coast or around the world we will design your sails to suit your type of sailing and give many years of service. When we measure your yacht we collect all the sizes and details required to make sure your sail fits the rig and will work properly. We then select the appropriate cloth for your sailing and the yachts displacement, designing the right sail shape to get the best out of the hull and rig. All the data is input into Smar Azure’s latest sail design program that allows us to design the flying sail shape using 3D modelling and stress analysis to make a very smooth and efficient sail.

We can also fit the sails and go for a test sail to make sure you get the most from your new sail. Our sails are custom made to measure sails from cloth; to stitching, to patching and hardware we specify all details of your sail, it is this attention to detail that has lead us to being selected by Rustler yachts to supply their sails.