24 Hour Repairs

In the event of an emergency ...
We offer 24 hour sail servicing with precision and attention to detail just when you need it

sail repairs

Penrose 24 hour repairs

We provide a 24 hour repair service for cruising yachts or an overnight service for entrants in regattas such as Falmouth Week.

A sewing machine and some sail cloth doesn't make a sailmaker and every year we see sails fail because they weren't constructed or repaired properly.  At Penrose Sailmakers we employ experienced sailmakers with the knowledge to reconstruct the most catastrophic tears, restore sail shape and then reinforce the area to avoid reoccurrence of the problem.

The personal touch

We offer an onboard consultation service to analyse your sails with a view to reshaping and improving your yachts performance.  The Penrose sail loft in Falmouth can handle the largest sails and fully equipped to make any emergency repairs.  We can also undertake emergency repairs to yacht covers and upholstery if the need should arise.  You will find us easily accessible by road or sea, situated in the Southern corner of Church Street car park in Falmouth, Cornwall.

24 hour repair service