Keeping your sails in good order …

Regular sail servicing can prolong the life expectancy of your sails


One of the worst things for yacht sails is to leave them in place on the boat when ashore for the winter. At the end of the season all sails and covers should be removed and stored correctly.

Our winter servicing and valeting of sails and covers includes a thorough inspection and repair prior to storage with the owner being notified of any serious issues so as to avoid any nasty surprises. Once any repairs are completed sails can be cleaned to remove dirt and salt, covers can also be cleaned and reproofed to extend their life and then folded and stored for the winter. All sails and covers are stored at no extra charge.

This whole servicing process goes a long way towards increasing the life of sails and covers ensuring there is no delay to the start of next season and reduces the chance of failures during the summer. Care note: sails and covers should be folded correctly and stored in a dry place.